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Our mission is to teach the youngest learning about the world through play and our interactive applications.

Learon Seasons

Our first application, Learns Seasons, aims to show what changes are taking place during the following seasons.

During the game, the child also gets to know various animals, their names read by the lector with an additional caption and the sounds they make.

What your child will learn from this app:

Fluidly changing vegetation for each season with atmospheric events like snow, rainbow, wind etc.

In this app which use nature sounds, animations and play to elicit correct pronunciation as well as help children remember the meanings of these words through interaction with its colourful illustrations and fun sounds.

Teach your child names of various animals. Touch an animal to find out what its name is, as well as how it looks and how it sounds. This will help your child identify as well as remember, correctly name almost dozen common animals.

In our app, we also play in background happy music which you can turn of in any time. Regular exposure to good music can prove to be priceless in the cognitive development of your child.